Sometimes you feel the urge to stop “doing” whatever you are “doing” and “do” something which you had wanted to “do” since a long time. Among all these do’s and doing’s there lies a solace, which when once achieved can make a great difference in life.

I am not a writer, nor a philosopher, nor a poet, nor a drunk. I happen to be a normal individual who has a certain experiences, certain thoughts, certain insights, some of which may be delightful and some of which may certainly be not. Hence it can be said that  this blog is way for me to pour in my thoughts, share my experiences and cook up my stories.

So i start this blog keeping one thought in mind – at the beginning of the shooting of any movie no one knows how will it pan up, neither the director, nor the actor, nor the producer, even i don’t know what will this blog turn into, but whatever the case,  i hope it turns well.